Beef Tongue

A surprising favorite--cooks up tender and flavorful in the slow cooker. 2-3 lb

Chicken Feet

Sold by bag, approx. 1lb per pack. Great for homemade broth!

Chicken Hearts

A great introductory organ meat. Saute them with onions. ~1 lb @ $6.00/lb

Chicken Liver

A great introductory organ meat. Saute them with onions. ~1.2 lb @ $6.00/lb

Chicken Medium Whole Broiler

1 Shrink Wrapped Chicken ~3-3.99lbs @$4.00 lb

Lamb Chops-Lg

4-Chops per package

Pork 1” Chops

Thick cut bone-in chop perfect for the grill. Ribeye of pork!

Pork 1/2" Chops

A thin-cut pork chop great for indoor searing--we like them for breakfast! -1- 6 ounce chop per pack

Pork 3/4" Chops

The classic bone-in pork chop, with a lovely, flavorful heritage fat cap. ~ 1 per pack which is about half a pound

Pork 3/4" Chops Twin pack

Well marbled and perfect thickness for many meal options.

Pork belly whole side

Perfect for curing your own bacon or roasting!

Pork Belly-Sliced/Uncured

Thick cut uncured "bacon" that is great with salt and pepper pan fried like bacon.~1lb

Pork Bones

Pork broth is rich in gelatin and neutral in flavor. These bones also add incredible pork flavor to beans. Just roast in the oven and add to your frijoles! 2-5lbs

Pork Country Style Ribs

These delicious bone in Ribs are not really a rib! Cut from the shoulder, these ribs are meaty yet very juicy and tender.~2-3 lbs

Pork Fat (for lard)

Render your own lard at home for a more nutritious cooking oil. After you're done...leftovers in the crock pot can be fried up for cracklins'! 5 lb/pack

Pork Ground

Plain Ground Pork is one of our most popular items. Great in meatloaf, tacos, and chili! ~Approx 1 lb ea