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What do we do?

You know, it's been said that raising livestock for meat production is bad for both our health and the environment; plus the animals are mistreated? Well, what WE do is raise our livestock in a manner that aligns with nature. In fact, by farming with nature, studies have shown that the meat is healthier, the environment regenerates, and the animals are happier!

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This package includes an assortment of products that are HAND SELECTED by the farmers! We will send you a delightful package that contains some of our favorites at a DISCOUNT! You can sign up for a shipment "WEEKLY", "BI-WEEKLY" or every "MONTH". Pause or cancel subscription anytime. This is our BEST and most popular value package. Ensure you are always stocked up on your natural Texas raised meats.

Concerned about where your meat comes from? Guaranteed peace of mind when you shop Turkey Hollow Farm!

This farm supplies all of my protein needs for my family. We love buying local and knowing EXACTLY where our meat comes from!
Tyson Thornton Tyson Thornton
"I love Turkey Hollow Farm! They are always happy to explain their farming methods and go to great lengths to deliver great products. They are my #1 source for beef, pork, and chicken."
Cara Couch, Victoria TX Cara Couch, Victoria TX
"Coming from the Midwest, it was outstanding to find Turkey Hollow Farm to meet my need for humanely raised animals and the quality of the meat show it. The Keller's personal touch with their animals and with their customers is why I'll continue to support this family and farm."
Dale Smith, Victoria, TX

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We love the humane way in which the Keller's treat their animals! We are THF customers for life!
Aislynn Campbell, Corpus Christi, TX Aislynn Campbell, Corpus Christi, TX
What an amazing farm!
Bianca Speed, Victoria TX Bianca Speed, Victoria TX
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We are currently set up to ship to customers within a 225 mile radius from Cuero, TX.

If you are unsure if you are within the shipping range, please click the link to the Big Radius Tool to determine distance.

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