Pasture raised chickens

January 9, 2018

It’s that time a year again here at the farm where we begin planning for our 2018 growing season!

In order for you guys get those beyond organic pasture raised spring chickens, we start now with the planning phase!

For anyone that is new with our farming practices here is the low down.

We raise our poultry without the use of any pharmaceutical crutches that alter and speed up the health and growth of the chicken.  

As our chickens grow, they eat our custom feed ration along with the tender grasses, bugs and worms that can be scratched up from Turkey Hollow farms pasture.

As long as weather permits the flock has unlimited access sunlight and fresh air!

Oh did I mention they are raised outside on the pasture?????

Hand processed and shrink wrapped at a small, local mom and pop facility ensures that a sanitary, high quality, low stress processing is being done with each bird.

The shrink wrapping is so good that we have dug our own personal chickens out of the freezer after a year and the chicken was in the same condition as the day it was wrapped!

These will be the best chickens you ever eaten both from a taste and a health standard.

For just $12-$18 per chicken you will receive your whole locally raised, custom processed and shrink wrapped chicken to nourish you and your family!

We are currently filling orders!

You will need to get on the reservation list which will ensure that you get spring chickens before they sell out.  

Here’s how:

Click on the link http://turkeyhollowfarm.grazec... and navigate to the Bulk/Wholesale catagory and click on the selection for “deposit for 10 chickens whole broilers”.

Ryan Keller
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